Excel Endeavor Media Projects

Excel Endeavor Media projects reflect our sensibilities toward film and media content that map to our mission statement. Our primary goal is to develop and produce projects that entertainer.

License to Steal

After losing his only corporate sponsor, an air race pilot goes back to moonlighting as a globetrotting repo-pilot in order to return to the racing scene, and finds him self recovering more than just a plane.
Genre: Action-Adventure-Thriller, Status: In Development


Four groups of people embark on a fast paced life-and-death mission across the Southern Arizona desert until their worlds collide in a high speed collision. They have more than the collision in common. Learn more about 86.
Genre: Action-Thriller, Status: In Development
Additional Notes:Twice finalist for consideration to the Sundance Writers Lab

Child Narco

A young boy reluctantly joins a narco gang in Juarez, Mexico and avenges the murder of his journalist mother.
Genre: Action-Thriller, Status: In Development
Additional Notes:Invited for consideration to Sundance Feature Film Labs in September, 2016

The Untold Story of Detroit Hip Hop

The “Untold Story of Detroit Hip-Hop” actually tells the colorful true story of the people, places and sounds of one of the most important and influential music movements of the 21st century. From “Esham” to “MC breed”, from “Boss” to “Eminem”, and from ‘Awsome Dre” to “Kid Rock”, these and many other important and not so important personalities helped change and forever influence the music scene around the world. Learn more about the Untold Story of Detroit Hip Hop.
Genre: Documentary, Status: In Production


A feature film about an American executive of an Israeli software company who turns to her warrior-like and Intelligence training in order to extricate her son from the hands of the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) in exchange for key information that will enable Iran to complete development of a nuclear weapon as a perceived counterbalance to the growing threat of military attacks by Israel and the United States. The project is a contemporary female-centric dramatic-action-thriller in the vain of TAKEN, THE JASON BOURNE series, THE GREEN ZONE and MAN ON FIRE in that these stories deal with geo-political intrigue and high personal and global stakes. These are fast-paced films commonly referred to as elevated (or character-driven) action films.
Genre: Action-Thriller, Status: In Development

Murder Capital

Taking place over the course of two decades, Murder Capital recounts the true story of the notorious Best Friends organized crime syndicate. U.S. law enforcement officials claim the gang was responsible for the most contract murders in the city of Detroit since Al “Scarface” Capone’s Detroit-based hit squad The Purple Gang, and single-handedly turned Detroit into the Murder Capital of the United States.
Genre: Crime-Thriller, Status: In Development

Xtraction short film

Set in Afghanistan, the Mexican Border and the world of black market Organ trafficking, “Xtraction” is a dramatic and elevated-action-thriller that follows Ronnie, a hardened ex-military contractor who emotionally reconnects with her daughter as she attempts to rescue her from the hands of Rene, a corrupt U.S. Consulate in Mexico. How far would you go to save the one you love? Learn more at Xtraction Shot Film
Genre: Short film, Action-Thriller, Status: Completed